Pecans, satake sort service


Satake sort whole pecan shelling service.

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Nuts are weighed and sized for service cost. Nuts are processed through a cracking machine then processed through a shelling machine set for the correct size of pecan. After shelling, nuts are processed through an air cleaner to remove as much shell and unwanted debris as possible. How much shell is left after processing depends on the weight of the shell (the lighter the shell, the more that can be removed).

The Satake sort then uses air, infrared and near-vision sensors to remove rejects, black, or dried-up halves along with heavy shells. Processed nuts are packaged in paper bags.

Service price $1.35 per pound before processing


Pecan variety, size, and weight determines the cost, time, and order of processing. For best quality processing do not mix varieties in your bags. Although we aim to provide fast service for each customer, be aware that “while-you-wait” nut processing is not always available during peak season. Call ahead to the Russell’s Orchard Store at 254-829-1489 with any questions about your processing order.