Is there a customer service number ?
1-254-829-1489 … or you can send an email to Customer Service.
Do you keep my payment information?
Russell’s never sees your PayPal information, credit card or bank information. We do see your email address in case we need to contact you. We NEVER sell email addresses to spam companies–we hate spam, too.
When I order it only comes up as 1 pound of product. How can I get 3 or more pounds?
In your cart, change the quantity to 3 and you will receive 3 one-pound bags or trays. Call us for special packaging orders.
Why can’t I order 1/2 of a pound of candy or nuts?
There’s two good reasons: 1) the cost of shipping outweighs the cost of less than 1 pound of product and, 2) most customers love our unique products SO MUCH that they always order 3 pounds or more to save frequent shipping ! If you live in the area or are driving through Waco, Texas please stop by the store and you can get smaller amounts, BUT– after one taste you’ll be wanting a whole pound! Don’t say we didn’t warn you 🙂
What’s the difference between cracking and shelling?
Cracking processes the nut to open the shell–the nut meat is not removed. Shelling removes the whole shell from around the nutmeat. The Satake sort removes more shell and material, and our Shelling Plus removes all non-nutmeat material and packages your pecan pieces. See “Services” on the shopping page for prices.
Where is the store location?
See our location page. We’re 10 miles north on Gholson Road (FM 933) from the intersection at Lakeshore Drive in Waco.
There’s a problem with the website.
Contact us and we will contact our webmaster.
For questions about PayPal, contact them directly.
Why can’t most native pecans be fully shelled ?
The size of the nut and the texture of the shell makes it very hard for our shelling equipment to do a good job without harming the nutmeats. Native varieties can be processed a few times and the amount of excess shell reduced a lot. Call or email the store with questions.
Can Russell’s come out and harvest pecans at my place?
We’re sorry, we can’t due to insurance. But we do have several pieces of equipment like the “Bag-a-Nut” pecan harvester in 24- or 16-inch widths that is a stand-up type pecan harvester. Users have found it very comfortable and efficient to use on many types of ground under trees. It’s safe to use by older children–add it to the chore list!.
Can Russell’s identify the pecan type that I have?
We’d be glad to! Bring a sample handful to the store or email us a good picture with something like a quarter in the background for scale.